Buckle Down

I’ve hovered about it pretty long enough. I’ve collected tons of sources. I’ve mused enough about the perceived horrors of this test. I’ve looked around sites and found a good number of blogs by people who are currently, about to, or have done the same thing. I tried to learn from them. I’ve sought and been given an advice or two by some of those who have gone through this peculiar journey. So now, I stopped tapping my toes to feel and test the waters. I’m ready. So I buckled down and here is what I did so far…First, I organized my life and thoughts in such a way that these necessary evils that a medical graduate has to do are not just buried under other priorities.Second, I picked the right books for me. And tried to stay away from the compulsion to grab more.Third, I made a schedule flexible enough to have a life but firm enough to actually pass a test.Fourth, I have accepted that there are sacrifices.


Thanks to G for this photograph.


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