Get Rid Of Potential Distractions

Preparing for a big test can be very tricky. Especially if you want to continue to live a life. At least this is what came through my head while I was getting ready for the long hours of sitting ahead of me. So, I tossed all my leisure books aside. For now. I got rid of time-consuming distractions. And I had a lot. It was not very easy. Especially for someone with a micro attention span like I have with the strong tendencies to do so many things at the same time. So I did it one thing at a time. First to go were the fun books. Next was my photography. And I am left with my cup of coffee as a reward for setting aside self-indulgence and stepping up. Well, not really. Coffee was just nice to have around while studying. And I really did not give up photography entirely as you can see below. Just less. And these days, as the saying goes, “less is (definitely) more”.



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