Make The Rounds

Some things I have learned eventually after medical school — that I have officially become a professional multiple choice test taker and so are everyone else with bad handwriting (kidding!)…ergo, reading for these examinations can either become somewhat the bane of our existence or an interesting stage in our chosen paths — a meaningful sabbatical, if I may. It’s our choice. Perception, conditioning, and association. I have learned to associate this particular reading with pleasure. Not that I did not enjoy reading for pleasure. But who enjoys studying for 6-8 hours a day? Maybe some do. But I don’t. Though I do enjoy learning and knowing more and more about medicine–as much as I enjoy learning and knowing more and more about the world around me, like the art of filmmaking, bettering my photography and writing, simple rote coding, and technology among others. And so, I tried to enjoy my reading along with a good cup of coffee. And with this, I continued to visit coffee houses instead of locking myself up at home or in a library all the time. I do have my favorites where I compulsively head to to study but I hopped from time to time. Even just for a better coffee, a faster wi-fi, a little bit of noise or just a change of scenery. I know that there is no substitute for a good sit-down reading in the library or at home. However, during downtimes, getting out of the house and sitting in a coffee shop could be an opportunity to accomplish something. Which is what we’re here for.


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