Enough About Coffee

Okay, I’ll just get to it. Here are some details. I watch some of the Kaplan lecture videos and I read the lecture notes by subject. Sometimes, I free-wheel along by systems if it gets more interesting that way. I have started doing some questions — picked from a QBook or a QBank. In my later posts, I will list down all the books that have been helpful in this leg of study by subject as I proceed with my log on my progress. I will also try to share my impressions on the specific QBank that I enrolled in as I go on. For now, I’ll go ahead with the overviews.

A quick assessment on some of these videos. The Biochemistry lecture video and notes were brilliant. It could be an “Aha!” moment. It was for me. So is the Pathology lecture notes. Though for Pathology, I added two more cool sources as I was a little weak on this subject–Dr. Edward Goljan’s Pathology (This is where you and your iPod can further your bond. I listen to Dr. Goljan’s lectures while I do other stuff–bathroom, kitchen, driving, jogging. I like it! He is funny and he nails the concepts pretty good. It’s like learning by passive diffusion. Though I’m not sure if he would be okay with this.) and Robbins Review of Pathology Questions Book (Second Edition is now available. I’m still using the first.).

I promised I’ll be good. So I’m keeping this short.


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