Picking The Date

As an IMG, being done with school and for many, like myself, being done with some other licensures and living life foremost, initially left me with less energy than I much needed to have to embark on this taxing but invaluable endeavor. As we all know, examinations are a serious business. For a day of sitting requires weeks and weeks of good preparation. Surely, the journey counts even for this detail. Sometimes it would have to be necessary to learn a couple of things the hard way. I had my own share of those life-lesson moments too.

It is way too easy to prolong the agony. I took a loooong time to schedule. As I have mentioned in my first post, I have hovered and hovered about these enough. I do have my reasons. And it bought me time to accumulate strength.

Finally picking a date for the test was trickier than picking a date for getting married. Whereas I had the ticklish butterflies in my stomach associated when my husband and I chose a day to marry, I felt my heart pounding like God-knows-what when I picked an eligibility period. It was quite an unpleasant feeling. But at that moment, I was reminded of bravery and knowing what I have to do to be able to do what I want to do for this part of my life. Plus I got a lot of hugs after pushing that submit button. It sure feels good for the spirit!

My D-Day is sometime in November. I have October till December 2007. And, no, I’m not planning on moving my exam date. If there is one advice I will follow from those who were ahead of me, this is it. Committing to the exam date.


Thus, amidst this wonderful “vacation” break, I am being a geek and carrying around my scheduled readings for these days. I have to go. I am heading to Toronto today.

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