Smooth & Montreal

I am writing this post from a hotel room in downtown Montreal, Quebec. I got in a couple of days ago. This city is so far both enchanting and spectacular. I am blessed to be near the awesome Bibliotheque Archives Nacionales du Quebec, their national library. This is where I could do my reading at the end of the day late at night after getting drunk from the sites, coffee, and photo ops. One could never take enough pictures–I missed my chance to take one of the building that holds offices for the Sicko popularized Canadian government’s health care system. The skill of drawing a weapon (my pocket camera) and pointing it at the target of choice (the building) while the tour bus speeds away (mumble, mumble) escapes me. Anyway, I’ll get down to the points of today’s post.

I continued on with my Qbank — which I will write about further in a few days. For now, I felt it was just right to share my ECFMG applications process for this particular test. One word — smooth. It went very smoothly, thank God. No returns nor rejections. In a few days, there were responses and in less than 2 to 3 weeks, I got my confirmations and schedules.

Some points about the process:

1) I first read the Bulletin of Information on the USMLE site. Especially helpful for me were the section on Frequently Asked Questions.

2) I then signed up and applied online on the ECFMG site. The instructions found on this site are detailed and easy to follow. But in case it becomes heavy, there is a contact number there to call and speak to someone.

3) I had needed to call the ECFMG office for something I wish clarified and they were very cordial and helpful. They are also very prompt in the e-mail exchanges in case you’re wondering.

4) After the online portion of the application, there was a paper portion. I completed and mailed those in.

5) Form 186 (Graduates) and Form 183 (Students) are different. Make sure which one applies.

6) In summary, the forms are: 186 or 183, 344, 345, and 187; other documents needed like photographs, medical school diploma, transcripts are in the detailed instructions in the ECFMG site.

7) After all these, you start getting important updates in your inbox via their newsletter, the ECFMG Reporter and other necessary correspondences regarding your business with them.


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