Breaks & Downtimes

Another advice I am following is to allow time for breaks. This is said to be helpful in the long run to avoid eventual burn outs. I have moved around my schedule a little bit for the past week to allow me some break before I horn in on my next sprint of reading weeks and the next subjects. This break did me well. In between, I even covered all my remaining audio lectures during flights and my remaining chapters in a QBook.

After the break, my new schedule includes a plan to do more hours of reading in a day than I am currently doing when I resume the full days. This takes care of some accumulated lost hours during previous downtimes (and mini-breaks that carried me away to my potential detriment). As I do want to make it to my target test date.

I am currently doing QBanks and the remaining supplementary reads for Pathology. I can’t wait to move on to the next subjects.

Yesterday was the first day of the revised schedule. But it became one of those days when I am unproductive (and I had quite many!). I covered very few topics than I intended to. And the little hours of delay it seems can pile up into big days of behind-hours. I’ll get on to it in the coming days. Aiming to do much better.


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