My Stash:

Kaplan Video

I started with this for this section. I’m somewhere on the fourth part and the lecturer in the video explained the difficult concepts really well. I especially liked his thorough coverage, repeats, and summaries during his lectures. So far so good. What I cannot write here now about this particular review source by posting time, I will do so after my test.

Kaplan Lecture Notes

I’m better at keeping up with reading these notes after the video review for this section than for the Pathology. The diagrams were a great help in confusing me. Just kidding! The diagrams made concepts more understandable. Although I have to admit that sometimes I tend to get tired of them. Diagram overload–which as we know the trend in imparting concepts is really along this tone now.

First Aid for USMLE 2007

This is the bible for our cause, as you may already know. Here is the affirmation. Someone who recently took the test mentioned that his/her experience points to most stuff covered by this book. I’m still on this so I would take that piece of wisdom and make sure I cover this book all through its pages. Thanks, S.

Blackwell’s Underground Clinical Vignettes Pathophysiology Volumes I to III

These are exactly the same volumes as Pathology‘s.

USMLEWorld QBank

I’ve done the tutorials so far. The explanations are huge huge helps for the basic concepts. More thoughts in the future posts.

Kaplan QBook

I have not done any of this yet as I am still finishing up with the videos and lectures. I will write about it more sometime after my exam date.


The Catch:

I feel some form of pressure now which I need to keep me at the reading pace I need. I am still on schedule but very tight. I’ve used up all my reserve-days to catch up on my slow reading days. For this subject I’ve done some pre-testing of my own with the tutorials section of the QBank, something I did not do with Pathology. However, 20 Questions was not all that much space to gauge some stored knowledge and I think I did a bit horribly. On the other hand, on some items I was pleasantly surprised that I still remembered many things. Will post my self-imposed post-test musings sometime after I’m done.